Motor Vehicle Hearings

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Motor Vehicle Hearings

As part of a DUI / DWI traffic offense or because of other situations including moving violations, accumulation of points, etc., you may be entitled to a MVA Hearing to argue why your license should not be suspended.

You may also desire a MVA Hearing to ask that multiple or subsequent license suspensions run at the same time (concurrent) rather then automatically be tacked together for a longer period of suspension time (consecutive).

It is important to understand, however, that your ability to legally drive a motor vehicle is not considered a constitutional right but is considered a privilege or property right. As such, the MVA will only schedule hearing if you request one within the time limit required and only if you pay the required hearing fee.

Although it might be best in many situations to discuss and/or consider fighting any traffic citations in Court to prevent points or convictions being assessed, you always want to discuss the importance and advantages of requesting an MVA hearing once you have received a Notice from MVA that you are subject to a license suspension. Usually, there is not much time to act so contacting an attorney immediately to review your options is very important.

The Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles web site has a lot of information which can also assist you in understanding your options: We have been handling MVA hearings for more than thirty (30) years and can provide the advice you need to make the best choice for your situation.

Maryland MVA - Advise of Rights Form (DR-15) a PDF version

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